" One day I was up in the observation tower watching the gun crews take their turn at firing at an RCAT.  A gun fired and the RCAT suddenly changed course.  It curved around and headed directly toward the tower.   The tower had an open ladder of about 20 feet.  I didn't think I would have time to make it down and could have been hit on the ladder.  I just laid down on the opposite side of the tower.  The bursting of the shell damaged the controls of the RCAT and it crashed off to the side of the tower.   I mentioned to you that the shells had a radio-detonating proximity fuse that would explode the shell within 20 feet of the target."
I'm just wondering if this could explain some of the things you find.

" When I first got to Camp Wellfleet, another GI and I went down to the water's edge.  I glanced at the ocean and then started looking around.  I noticed that the other guy just stood there staring at the sea.  He looked.  He looked.  He just kept on looking.  I started looking at him looking.  Then I finally remembered that he was from Kansas and had probably never seen the ocean before.  I had lived along the Texas coast most of my life. "

- Victor